Straight A’s for Bekoji students

Ethiopia Wednesday, 04 November 2015
Straight A’s for Bekoji students

We are bursting with pride for all 17 students who took a pre-university exam. They did so well! 10 of them are off to a Pre-university School and seven are joining Technical College they’re currently choosing their fields of interest.

Two of the students heading to Pre-university school are Yoseph and Kasahun. Their dedicated and hard work was rewarded with remarkable results in their exams, both of them scoring straight A’s. The Stand by Me staff in Bekoji and here in the UK offices are so proud of them. Not only are they reaching their potential through their education but they are also wonderful role models for the younger children at the Bethany School. They have proved that all of our children, no matter what circumstances they come from, have the chance to achieve their dreams.

Kasahun (second left) came to Stand by Me when he was 11 years old. After his father remarried and left his mother to care for him, his mother couldn’t find work and frequently fell ill, they could barely afford her medical treatment. Kasahun would never have gone to school if it wasn’t for the Bethany School. He has since thrived in our care and his results in his pre-university exam reflect his hard work.

It’s been a great month for exam results all across the Bethany School as we also found out that all 42 children from Grade 8 passed their first national examination, graduating from our Bethany School with good grades. They all have joined the local high school where we are sure they will study hard, many of them hope to take their pre-university exams.

We celebrate all of our children’s achievements and just as importantly, these young adults are kind and responsible role models. We are so excited for their bright futures.

None of these results would be possible without the amazing support of our sponsors helping us to make the Bethany School the best it can be. If you would like to support a child in Ethiopia throughout their education please visit the child sponsorship page.

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