Expert medical care for Lati

Ethiopia Wednesday, 11 November 2015
Expert medical care for Lati

Lati is a nine year old student at our school in Dembi Dollo. He’s a very brave boy and has kept a great attitude during his recent medical treatment. Lati lives with his mum and older sister in a small mud house in Dembi Dollo, his father passed away due to a heart attack and since then, his mum has struggled to manage on almost no income. Lati was born with a deformity in his left leg and when he was quite young he had an operation. Sadly, the operation wasn’t successful and Lati continued to have difficulty walking.

Since joining our Abdi Academy, Lati and his families future has looked more optimistic. He eats regular meals at school, is getting a good education and we were able to refer him to a good hospital in Addis Ababa to get expert medical care.

This year, an operation was carried out to surgically correct his leg. It wasn’t a simple operation and would be considered quite complex even here in the UK. At the hospital in Addis Ababa, Lati had great doctors and treatment. The operation went very well.

Lati travelled back to Dembi Dollo to heal. Our nurse, Mitiku (pictured), regularly visits Lati to check that his leg is being kept clean, a particularly hard task when there no running water in their home. Lati’s mother is looking after him well and he is waiting for a follow-up appointment. Lati hopes to be a pilot when he completes his education and we want to support him to achieve his dreams.

Because the health of our children is vital to their development and happiness, going the extra mile to ensure they are fit and well is at the core of our care. With their medical needs met, our kids are free to enjoy their childhood. If you would like to read more about our care in Dembi Dollo, please read Roman’s story.

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