Surprise shoes

Romania Thursday, 18 December 2014
Surprise shoes

This year, our hope is to give our children a great Christmas with the gift of shoes; protecting their feet, keeping them warm and bringing joy. Thank you for joining with us and giving so generously, with your help we have been able to buy shoes for our children in the House of Hope and Denisa Day Care Centre in Romania.

It is very important that the shoes we buy the children fit them correctly so that they can’t walk and play comfortably. However, we still wanted their shoes to be a surprise for them to unwrap at Christmas. How could we give our children the excitement of a surprise present and also the benefits of having warm shoes that fit?

Cami our director in Romania had the idea to transform the task of trying on shoes into a blindfold game. The children were each blindfolded so they could not see their shoes or boots while the staff helped them to try the shoes on to see if they fit. It was exciting for our children as the game created mystery and suspense for Christmas.

It is very cold during the winter months in Romania therefore cosy warm boots are essential to keep our children warm and healthy. Poverty is widespread in the town of Dobrun in Romania and for our children and their families new warm boots really are a luxury.

Thank you for considering our kids this Christmas. Please keep posted for photos of our children and their new shoes in the New Year. It’s never too late to buy a pair of shoes, as you know, children’s feet are growing all the time and shoes become worn. You can buy a pair of shoes by texting ‘SHOE 01 £5’ to 70070 or visit the Shoe Appeal.

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