Sweets to celebrate Easter

Colombia Friday, 28 April 2017
Sweets to celebrate Easter

All around the world, Stand by Me projects celebrate occasions in their own way. In Colombia at Easter time, families share in a tradition of baking sweets and giving them to their relatives and neighbours to spread joy.

Our care centre loves to celebrate the meaning of Easter but also helps our kids have a fun time and take part in these traditions. The making and sharing of the sweets first started as a celebration of the end of Lent. 

In Colombia they have a great variety of recipes for sweets that are shared, and many have been passed from generation to generation, making the baking of the sweets a happy time for families to enjoy together.  The main ingredients are dates, milk, fruit, sugar and honey.

Fruit is the essential ingredient and the climate of Colombia is perfect for producing succulent, flavoursome fruits including coconut, yam, mango, ahuyama and plum. 

At the care centre the children all participated in baking two kinds of sweets: banana and papaya. They all got stuck in and enjoy baking them, but not as much as they enjoyed eating them!  

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