Team visit to Dobrun

Romania Wednesday, 04 September 2013
Team visit to Dobrun

1st Portadown Church from Ireland spent two action packed weeks in Romania this summer, visiting our children’s home and day care centre in the village of Dobrun.

The team of nine volunteers devoted their first week to the younger children, organising a Bible stories programme, games, drama lessons and arts and crafts. The second week involved teaching the older children practical skills such as sewing, pottery and woodwork. These skills will be of great benefit to the children as they not only thrive academically, but also learn practical ways to improve their lives. We will continue to provide sewing, carpentry and pottery opportunities in our future programmes.

The volunteering opportunities our teams undertake are a wonderful experience for our children and also the team members, as strong friendships are made during the trip. The children enjoyed their time so much that they were very sad when it came for the team to say goodbye.

The village of Dobrun is home to children with extreme needs, many of whom are among the poorest children in Europe. The team visited the Denisa Day Care Centre which opened in 2005, and provides educational help, love and support to these children alongside sharing the love of Jesus. Ten of the girls who attend our day care centre live in our House of Hope children’s home, very close by to the day centre, and as some of them are now blossoming in their teenage years, they are showing great character and kindness as they reach out to the other children in their community.

You can read more about our work in Romania here

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