The exciting gift of iPads

Ethiopia Wednesday, 31 January 2018
The exciting gift of iPads

Thanks to HardSoft Computers, we received a generous donation of iPads to help us provide our children with a great education. 

Some of the iPads were taken to Bekoji in Ethiopia to be used at our Bethany School where over 500 children living in poverty are receiving a free quality education, regular nutritious meals and healthcare. The iPads are an excellent addition to the school and will help the children gain confidence in using technology and learn new skills by using the apps installed.

The children were delighted to be able to use the iPads. The excitement on their faces was a sight to behold as they held an iPad for the very first time. The teachers at the Bethany School also shared their enthusiasm as the iPads will greatly help them to diversify their lesson plans and be more creative and interactive in their teaching methods.

Thanks to HardSoft Computers' kind donation of iPads, children who would have previously been trapped in poverty now have the chance to experience a fantastic education and reach their full potential.

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