The unfamiliar feeling of shoes

Nepal Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A good quality pair of shoes are essential in protecting feet from cuts, scratches and damage. Shoes also defend against infections that can enter through the sole of the foot and cause a child to become very ill.

However, for children in the remote mountain villages of the Khairang, a pair of shoes is an unusual sight. Children from a young age are often seen clambering up steep mountain paths or walking miles on their daily chores completely barefoot.

These children are unaware of the dangers of not wearing shoes but Stand by Me believe that the health of children is vital to their development and do everything in our power to protect it. Shoes were purchased as a result of our Shoe Appeal and given to every child who is attending our Bethany School in the Khairang.

Most of the children had never had a pair of shoes before and were delighted with their new footwear. It was a comical sight as they experienced walking in shoes for the first time, many baffled by the unfamiliar feeling of comfort and protection. But they soon got the hang of it and were running up and down the narrow and steep paths, now with the safety of their new shoes.

Stand by... almost there...