"Today I got another A"

Romania Monday, 16 December 2013
"Today I got another A"

Andrea comes from a very difficult family background with her mother being illiterate and her father having a limited education, and this has resulted in a life of poverty for the family. At just 10 years old Andrea has achieved so much, thanks to the support at the Denisa Day Care Centre. Her parents are not able to help her with her studies or pay for extra school text books as they are struggling to feed a family of six, so the help she receives at the care centre is vital to her education.

Andrea has been in the programme for almost a year now and she feels at home in the Denisa Care Centre. Here she enjoys a nutritious snack and a piece of fruit each day to keep her healthy. Andrea likes the friendly atmosphere at the centre and the love and care she receives from her teacher, who helps her with all her studies.

Andrea likes to read at home but she has no books of her own so she delights in the opportunity to read at the Denisa Care Centre and this helps to widen her vocabulary and knowledge. She also enjoys the outdoor activities and is currently taking part in the Christmas programme and singing in the choir.

Andrea sometimes finds it difficult to communicate but she is well mannered, polite and likes to obey the rules that are set. As she is beginning to feel more comfortable, she is now opening up and becoming more confident in herself. She frequently comes to the centre proudly declaring, “Today I got another A,” which she knows will earn her praise and a big hug. Thanks to the help of the staff at the Denisa Care Centre, Andrea is now achieving good grades and is the happiest she has ever been.

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