A brand new pair of shoes for everyone!

Thursday, 22 March 2018
A brand new pair of shoes for everyone!

During Christmas 2017, every child in our care received the present they hoped for - a brand new pair of shoes! All thanks to everyone who responded to our Shoe Appeal. Thanks the generosity of our amazing supporters, children whose feet were once at risk to harm are now warm, comfortable and protected.

Across the world, our children are so grateful for the gifts and love they have received. We have read so many thank you messages from our kids in which they express their thanks in unique and wonderful ways, just like Temesgen, age 9 from Ethiopia. 

“Today I feel so happy for I have received new a pair of shoes because my family cannot buy  good shoes for me. Before I joined Stand by Me Bethany School I used to wear  plastic shoes which I shared with my brother. Thanks to God and our generous  sponsors.” 

Together, we have been able to protect the precious feet of our children from the monsoons of Burma, the scorching heat of Colombia, the rocky hills of Nepal and the icy cold and snow of Romania. All around the world shoes help to restore our children’s dignity, improve their health and show them God's love. 

It's going to be a wonderful year for our kids as they bound off to school each day wearing their new shoes with faces expressing their joy and happiness! 

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