Kadija’s new role as class monitor

Ethiopia Wednesday, 04 April 2018
Kadija’s new role as class monitor

We love to see our children shine and we join them in celebrating their accomplishments, big or small. 10 year old Kadija is in grade 4 at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo. She comes from a big family and has seven siblings. With so many mouths to feed and little income, the family struggle to make ends meet and if it wasn’t for Stand by Me’s support, Kadija would never be able to go to school.

We’re so glad we have given her the opportunity of an education and helped her family by providing for her food, healthcare, clothes and uniform. Since joining the Abdi Academy, Kadija has come along leaps and bounds and has stood out as an exceptional student. She is well behaved, has great academic results and also helps her classmates when they are struggling - not only clever but kind too! 

She is a model student and because of this, Kadija was recently elected as class monitor. Class monitors represent their class and take a leadership role in activities. We know she’ll take her new responsibilities seriously and continue being an outstanding student as we support her to reach her full potential. 

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