Gualdir shows his kindness

Colombia Monday, 16 April 2018
Gualdir shows his kindness

When a child’s individual needs are looked after, they are free to grow in character and express themselves. With a great education and loving care, our children’s unique personalities shine through. They are full of valuable qualities, one of which is kindness.

Kindness radiates from eight year old Gualdir in Colombia. Guladir lives in Guacamayal, a destitute and bleak town where poverty, abuse and difficult family circumstances trap children in hopelessness. He lives with his parents and three brothers in a small block house and although life has been tough on Gualdir, at our Emmanuel Care Centre he now has the opportunity of an education and the care he needs to thrive. Recently, we have seen him grow in confidence and become a very kind boy, always willing to help others.  

One rainy day he was at the door of his home with his younger brother, they noticed a boy walk pass with a bag full of clothes. Gualdir asked the boy why he was carrying a bag of clothes and found out that the boy had left his home and had nowhere to stay.

Moved with compassion, Gualdir ran straight to his mother and pleaded with her to invite the boy in. Gualdir’s mother saw his compassion and listened to him reason that she wouldn’t want him to ever have to sleep on the streets. She couldn’t say no and the boy was welcomed into their home. Fortunately, the boy’s family were searching for him and he was reunited with them shortly after. If it wasn’t for Gualdir’s kindness, this boy may have been lost and lonely on the streets.

Gualdir doesn’t show his kindness only to children but also to adults too. He once noticed a teacher at the care centre wiping the children’s shoes. At once he picked up the cloth and took over, wiping his classmates shoes.

We are so proud to see Gualdir express his considerate, selfless and compassionate nature. We love standing by Gualdir and all of our kids in Colombia, it is a privilege to watch them grow!

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