A home fit for a family

Myanmar Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Shan State in the east of Burma has huge inequality between the wealthy, developed towns and the rural villages where families live in destitute conditions and children have no chance of education, employment or changing their circumstances.

Stand by Me have been working in this challenging region to meet the needs of children whose home environments are unstable and lacking in care. However, to provide the quality family home the children deserve and to extend capacity to rescue more children from terrible situations, we partnered with Holy Trinity Church Nailsea to build a high quality children’s village.

In January 2017 we officially opened our children’s village in the town of Taungii, offering a loving family for eight children who have been rescued from extreme poverty. The children were overjoyed to find that their home had bathrooms and comfortable beds, something they never could have imagined when they were living in their rural huts.

The children, who had only experienced destitution and adversity in their young lives, are today thriving with quality care and in the knowledge that they are loved by God. Our work in Shan will continue to extend to the local neighbourhood to bring care and God’s love to the local people and children.

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