From the streets of Dembi Dollo

Ethiopia Monday, 11 September 2017
From the streets of Dembi Dollo

Orphaned and roaming the streets of Dembi Dollo at five years old, Natinael had a life of hardship that no child should ever experience. A family eventually gave him shelter, allowing him to sleep on their mud floor, but with no food he continued to be hungry, eating leftovers thrown out from restaurants.

We could not walk past him, we had to intervene and thanks to Natinael’s sponsor we are now meeting all his needs. He now has a loving foster family, sleeps in a comfortable bed and receives regular meals.

He loves attending our Abdi Academy where he receives the best education in town and is able to enjoy a carefree childhood. It's amazing how far he's come and he came 4th in his class in his end of year exams. Natinael really understands the difference that the opportunity of school and loving care has made in his life, he told us:

“My life is changed a lot since I started to get help from Stand by Me. Now, I have good family to live with and a nice bed and house. I don’t worry for my food and clothes. Before I fear, worry and feel sad when the night begins as I have no place to sleep but now all that bad situations are passed and I am living a happy life. There is a great change for me. I never celebrated my birthday before but now through the help of my sponsor and guardian, I am able to celebrate. I never never expected this will happen for me.”

For children like Natinael who have experienced great adversity, a sponsor’s involvement helps them know they are valued, precious and loved. With a sponsor standing by them, they can thrive and become all they are created to be. Sponsor a child today and give them the love and care they deserve but never expected! 

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