Abdinego is saying “goodbye” to dirty water

Ethiopia Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Abdinego is saying “goodbye” to dirty water

This is Abdinego and his family. Abdinego is a Stand by Me child and student at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. At school he learns exciting and useful subjects, eats nutritious meals, receives medical care and has a lot of fun. Despite being extremely poor, like all of our students at the school, he can know that he is special, loved and has a bright future.

Not one of our children in Dembi Dollo have a supply of running water in their homes and instead collect water from polluted streams to be used for cooking, washing and drinking. This greatly affects their health and that of their families. When children become frequently ill, they are unable to attend school regularly and benefit from their education.

This summer we had the privilege of sending two teams to Dembi Dollo and among the many activities they participated in, they were able to distribute water filter systems to 46 desperately needy families which enables them to have 99.9% pure water in their homes. Together with the supply of nutritious food and help with rent, the health and future of these families has greatly improved. One of these families is Abdinego’s.

Now Abdinego will be able to drink clean water, protecting him from many illnesses and infections. His father Desta was thankful for this chance at better health for his family saying “We are so grateful for Stand By Me for providing us such a wonderful water filter system. It is a great privilege for my family to have this water filter system. It is very very helpful for us. Goodbye dirty water, my family will never ever drink you.”

Thanks to the wonderful fundraising of the two teams we have been able to allow Abdinego and many of our children like him to say “goodbye" to dirty water and “hello” to better health. These children, who would have very little opportunity in life without an education, can now happily and healthily attend the Stand by Me school, receive regular meals, an education and medical care. £20 can give a child and their family a water filter, providing clean drinking water and ensure a healthier life and can be purchased through our Alternative Gift Catalogue, please contact us for more information at hi@standby.me.

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