Ayana’s talent is recognised

Ethiopia Wednesday, 10 February 2016
Ayana’s talent is recognised

Ayana is 10 and lives in a one roomed mud hut with his parents, five older brothers and one older sister, depending on the father’s income of less than £1 a day. Now a Stand by Me child, Ayana receives a great education, regular nutritious meals, medical care and family support at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo.

He is a very intelligent boy and has excelled in his classes. In fact, he often changes his mind about which subject is his favourite, sometimes Afan Oromo, sometimes science, sometimes maths. We think it’s great that he loves studying.

Recently, Ayana’s teachers found that he was especially talented at writing. He wrote an article about the birth of Jesus at Christmas and he was chosen to present his article to the school in their morning assembly. The rest of the school listened eagerly as their classmate read out his article.

Ayana deserves recognition for his talent and we hope he will continue to enjoy writing. It’s incredibly important to each child’s sense of value and stability that they’re raised by parents and teachers that encourage them. Child sponsorship supports Ayana further by giving him a relationship with someone who loves him and helps him feel part of a wider family. 

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