Drama in Dobrun

Romania Friday, 13 January 2012
Drama in Dobrun

A Christmas concert was a huge success for the children in Romania as they sang and performed drama sketches, presenting themselves with great confidence and ease to their proud families and parents. After the performance they each also received items of sportswear as a Christmas gift to keep them warm through the bitterly cold Romanian winter, and their faces beamed as they were handed their gifts.

The children involved in the concert included the ten girls who live in our House of Hope girls’ home and those who attend the neighbouring Denisa Day Care Centre in the village of Dobrun. Village life is tough, families are living in extreme poverty and there is very little work; what is available is poorly paid agricultural labour for just a few.

The relatives in the village were invited along to see the performance and also enjoy a time of refreshments and interaction with our staff, which helps to build relationships of trust. The concert is also a great way for the families living in the village to see the difference the care centre and home is making to their children’s lives.

The children have come a long way since being a part of our project, they are no longer shy and uncomfortable but are confident around each other, they have a sense of self-worth and are proud of their achievements. The girls in our home enjoy playing with the children in their village during the afternoons together at the care centre. Many of the children come from extremely poor backgrounds, some living with the history of abuse, but their lives have been transformed as they are provided with hope for their future through educational help, food, medical care and love.

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