Jenifer's amazing recovery

Colombia Friday, 07 December 2012
Jenifer's amazing recovery

Two major heart operations, intensive care and even a pace maker did not seem to solve little Jenifer’s heart problems, despite Stand by Me arranging the best possible hospital care for her. For over a month, she had been confined to hospital in Barranquilla, Northern Colombia.

Jenifer wasn’t able to run and play due to her serious heart problem, her life expectancy was short and she could only watch as life seemingly passed her by, too poor to afford surgery.

Jenifer was admitted to hospital and prepared for surgery, undergoing two major heart operations and having a pace maker fitted, but her complications continued. People around the world were continually praying for Jenifer. On the 5th November, things changed.

Ewduar, our Colombian Director, wrote, “the answer came softly and tenderly like the morning sun”. The surgeon had phoned and said that after more investigations, her heart was now “fixed” and she was in recovery. It was a day for celebration.

Jenifer had suffered unknown with heart problems since she was five years old. After a team of volunteers, all trained medics, offered to examine the children in our school as an act of kindness, Jenifer’s heart problem was discovered.

Stand by Me swiftly arranged the best medical care possible and after an extremely difficult month in hospital, Jenifer’s “heart was finally fixed”, she is now happy and smiling and as each day goes by, her strength is returning.

Jenifer is back living at home in Guacamayal, being lovingly cared for by her gran. She couldn’t wait to return to the Stand by Me school in Guacamayal, along with 300 other students, where she could study, enjoy a hot lunch and play with her friends.

It is thanks to you, our faithful supporters, that we are able to care for each and every child in our care in such a unique way. And by the way, the team of medical professionals have covered all of Jenifer’s medical expenses. What an amazing story.

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