Onesies for Shoes

Tuesday, 22 December 2015
Onesies for Shoes

The students and teachers at Immanuel School in Romford took fundraising for our Shoe Appeal to a new level when they all suited up in ‘onesies’ on Wednesday 16th December. The children were all encouraged to come into school wearing a onesie and bring in some of their pocket money to donate to Stand by Me’s Shoe Appeal. The students weren’t the only ones in their comfy onesies as the teachers and staff took part too!

At the start of the day an assembly was held where the students and teachers thought about how many pairs of shoes they each own. They compared how many they own to Stand by Me children like Cing Sian Sung in Burma and Sena in Ethiopia who, when she received a new pair of shoes last year, said “I never thought I will wear shoe but through your help, I’m able to wear such a beautiful shoe. My feet are now safe and protected. Thank you so much.”  The children were amazed at how valuable shoes are to our children.

It wasn’t just the children who were amazed at what a pair of shoes meant to a child in our care and Mrs Williams commented “I think the ‘onesie’ day was a great way to support the Stand By Me Shoe Appeal; we take our own shoes for granted!”

The students played shoe-related games wrapped up in their onesies and had great fun not wearing their usual school uniform. The school raised a great £200 which will buy a pair of shoes for 40 children in our care. These shoes will protect our children’s feet as they run, jump and skip. A brand new pair of shoes also gives our children a sense of dignity and value.

One Immanuel School Year 4 student really enjoyed the day and said “I liked the games we played today. I hope that Stand By Me can get them some new shoes with our money.”

We sure will get some new shoes for our children! Many of our kids will be blessed and have a great Christmas due to Immanuel School's kindness and generosity. It's not too late for you to join them and donate to our Shoe Appeal, bringing a smile to very needy children this Christmas. 

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