Summer Bible week

Colombia Wednesday, 16 July 2014
Summer Bible week

It has been the summer holidays for the past few weeks at our Centro Educativo Cristiano School in Colombia, which provides a worthwhile education to over 200 needy children. The text books may have been closed but the school was open and holding a summer Bible week. Each day the children came to the school and took part in fun, games, and activities, all while learning more about the Bible.

Between 60 and 80 children (many proudly wearing Colombia football t-shirts) came to the Bible week activities each day. There were memory verses that the children had great fun learning, remembering and reciting. They did this through practical activities such as piecing together the verse in a giant jigsaw.

A bible story was performed by puppets much to the children’s delight and entertainment. The children also took part in singing, competitions and games. Meals and snacks were provided throughout the week as many of the children come from poor families that struggle to feed their children adequate meals at home.

Now the summer holidays have finished, the children have returned to the Centro Educativo Cristiano School for their lessons, many will be remembering the stories and fun from the Bible week. Read more about our work in Colombia here."

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