Twins receive winter boots

Wednesday, 23 March 2016
Twins receive winter boots

We support children living in extreme poverty in Moldova to attend day care centres and receive nutritious meals, educational help and family support. This winter we were able to make sure each child received a new pair of warm winter boots, something none of their parents would have been able to afford to buy due to their poverty.

Twins Misa and Tolea study in the third grade at their local school but attend a care centre for further educational and family support. They live with their three siblings and father who works on construction sites. But his job is poorly paid and unreliable; he is often without work and struggles to support his five children. Misa and Tolea received a pair of warm winter boots thanks to the generosity of Stand by Me supporters to the Shoe Appeal. Misa and Tolea told us how about how happy this made them:

“This year, our father didn’t have much work and he wasn’t able to buy us winter shoes, we were forced to wear summer shoes. Now we’re happy to have some shoes from the centre: we want to go home as soon as we can and show it to everyone."

A pair of shoes are incredibly important for children in Moldova, a country that experiences freezing and often snowy winters. The majority of families who benefit from the care centres have no heating in their basic homes so warm boots provide protection from the cold both outside and inside.

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