A Letter of Love

Colombia Friday, 14 February 2014
A Letter of Love

16 year old Elimelet attends our Centro Educativo Cristiano in Colombia.

Losing his father when only a small boy left Elimelet shy and insecure. Letters from his sponsor have helped change all that.

Elimelet has said how much he has felt loved and encouraged by these letters. Regular messages of support have helped Elimelet feel valued and to grow in self confidence. Attending a Stand by Me Bible camp has also developed his spiritual understanding of life.

Years of civil war has made life in Colombia very hard. Without a father, Elimelet’s mother struggles to provide for her family. This is where our school brings hope for Elimelet and over 300 children just like him. Education provides an opportunity to escape from poverty and a life of – at best-poorly paid labour, but at worst – the drugs trade.

Stand by Me seeks to provide high quality education for some of the world’s poorest children but we also believe that the help and support that our sponsors can provide brings a dimension to our care that is often immeasurable. For Elimelet it has helped build his self esteem and belief in himself that will help him throughout his life.

Elimelet lost a father and faith in himself. A sponsor, someone just like you, helped to restore that.

At Stand by Me, we see sponsorship as an inseparable and vital part of our work. If you want to know more about how you could help change a child’s life then follow the link to our sponsorship page

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