Running for uniforms

Ethiopia Thursday, 07 April 2016
Running for uniforms

We’ve never seen anyone get as excited about a new school uniform than our children in Dembi Dollo. A uniform doesn’t last very long as it becomes worn, dirty and damaged. It’s often the best item of clothing that our kids own and they wear it every day. You also may have noticed that kids grow quite quickly, so it is essential that our children get a new uniform at least once a year.

A group of six in Northern Ireland made sure that our children in Dembi Dollo received good quality uniforms by each running 1000 miles in a year and raising sponsorship. To complete this mammoth task Laura, Laura, Pauline, Stephanie, Maureen and Leanne ran an average of 3 miles each day and by the end of the year their miles totaled to 1000 each.

We were amazed by their motivation to run, run and keep running. Through all weathers and conditions they persevered and successfully completed their ‘Tonne run’. They raised over £6,000 in total and used this money to fund new uniforms for all of the children at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo and the additional money funded improvements in the Bekoji Children’s Village.

After excitedly trying on their new trousers, shirts and jumpers, our kids looked very smart and had the biggest smiles on their faces. It is exceedingly important to each child’s sense of value and worth that they have good quality clothes that fit. Wearing their bright, new uniforms, our kids in Dembi Dollo are walking with pride thanks to the Tonne Runners!

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