An evening for Colombia

Colombia Friday, 20 October 2017
An evening for Colombia

On a Saturday evening in the village of St Nicholas-at-Wade, 70 people flocked to the village hall eager for a tasty meal, fantastic entertainment and to hear about the work of Stand by Me in Colombia.

The evening was organised by Tammy, passionate about bringing love and care to children in Colombia and motivated to encourage others to join her in doing so. All of the hard work and organisation created a great atmosphere; engaging photos were on display and the room was filled with smiling faces.

Ahmad Ayoubi, Projects Director came along to talk about the work of Stand by Me in Colombia, how the Emmanuel Care Centre is a beacon of hope in the isolated town of Guacamayal and share the heartbreaking but now hopeful stories of our children.

The children in Guacamayal experience the everyday struggle of malnutrition, absent parents and lack of opportunity. Tragically some also experience child abuse, causing psychological and emotional damage. The Emmanuel Care Centre in a safe environment where children receive the love, care and support they need to overcome these challenges and find protection. The long term and comprehensive support at the care centre helps children know they are loved and precious, gives them hope for a brighter future and supports families to care for children.  

The guests were engaged in the children’s stories and were further inspired by 10 year old Aroha who delivered an amazing speech:

“Poverty. We only realise how lucky we are when we see an advert on the TV or watch the news. See me, I'm a privileged child: great parents, a roof over my head, decent clothing. But children everywhere in the world struggle to find any shelter and spend days or weeks without proper food. I just finished my exams but that could not have been done if I didn't have an education. If you live on the street who will educate you? Children have more to live for than some of the lives they live. But you can change that. I may be 10 years of age, but it is my job to open up the eyes of you adults. I know it might be a lot to ask but please sponsor a child with Stand by Me. Isn't it worth it? Because when you sponsor a child you are not only changing the life of a child but the future of the world. Thank you. By the way I passed my 11+ exams.”

Aroha’s stirring words and passion moved everyone. Tammy also shared her personal motivations for standing by a child in Colombia through sponsorship and at the end of the evening 9 guests responded by sponsoring a child. Amazing - 9 children’s lives transformed by care, support and love. With Stand by Me’s care and the support of a sponsor, these children can reach their full potential.

If you too are inspired by Aroha’s words and would like to sponsor a child. Visit our child sponsorship page and change a child’s life today. Your support will help provide for their individual needs and your encouragement will help them feel loved and special.

Photographers: Tony Umelo and Aiden Mac Queen

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